AB Yachts is doubtless the technology benchmark in the world of yachting. This is because AB chose to abandon the ordinary traditional schemes on which the design and construction criteria of the vessels are based nowadays and to introduce new techniques deriving from much more innovative sectors than that of pleasure yachting. Hence the use of advanced composites, of particular resins, of sandwich vacuum consolidated materials extended to everything that is made of composite.

One of the most significant innovations is the introduction of structures taken from the aerospace industry for which vibrations and expansions caused by temperature changes are not permitted. This has allowed total elimination of screws and connections that typically transmit vibrations and squeaks.

The propulsion chosen by AB YACHTS is the waterjet, the best propulsion system for boats needing both an excellent performance and a way of life at sea based on comfort and safety. Studies have shown that a waterjet has a higher return than a shaft line transmission and transmission to propellers of the surface, furthermore they are also maintenance-free, safe and easy to maneuver in shallow water in the presence of bathers.

Another key point of AB YACHTS is the complete customization of all of its models: starting from subdivision to outside where you will have the chance to see your wishes come true.

These advanced construction technologies associated with the use of lightweight materials everywhere, hulls specially designed and accompanied by propulsion with waterjets allow you to discover a new way of navigating, quiet and secure, powerful and endlessly fascinating.